Irish Spring Soap Ingredient Analysis

Irish Spring by the Colgate Company is probably the most well known commercially produced men's soap. Let's break down the ingredient list to see why you should avoid this soap and switch to all natural Manly Soap
SOAP (SODIUM TALLOWATE, SODIUM COCOATE AND/OR SODIUM PALM KERNELATE TYPES) - Animal Lard treated with Lye, or Palm Oil treated with Lye, or Palm Kernel Oil treated with Lye. Lard is not Vegan and promotes the slaughter of animals and is bad for the environment. High demand for Palm oils is causing major deforestation across the planet. Manly Soap uses no animal or palm oils.
WATER - We use distilled water, nothing more pure than that.
HYDROGENATED TALLOW ACID (skin conditioner), COCONUT ACID, GLYCERIN (skin conditioner) - waxy fats derived from modified plants and animal oils added to act as a moisturizer. Manly Soap retains it's natural plant glycerin so added moisturizers are not needed. Colgate removes most of the natural plant glycerin from the soap to use for more profitable lotions and skin products.
FRAGRANCE - Derived from chemical ingredients to mimic natural aromas. Cheap and long lasting and the major source of allergies and rashes. Manly Soap only uses natural plant extracts for aroma.
SODIUM CHLORIDE, - Just table salt, no worries here.
PEG-12 POLYSORBATE 20 - A detergent added to help the soap clean better. Needed because the inferior soap ingredients do not rinse off completely without it. Manly Soap rinses cleanly without added detergents
TITANIUM DIOXIDE - white pigment derived from the mineral titanium using sulfuric acid. Manly Soap uses natural clay that has not been chemically processed. Clay also adds creaminess to the soap and absorbs oils and toxins from your skin.
TETRASODIUM EDTA, - A chemical preservative. Huge batches of industrial soap can sit on the shelves for years. Manly Soap is made in small batches so preservatives are not needed.
BHT D&C GREEN NO. 8, FD&C GREEN NO. 3. - Artificial colors of unknown origin. We use natural clay and the natural color of the natural ingredients for color.
All these ingredients are selected to produce a low cost soap bar with high margins.  Inferior base ingredients are propped up with additives, artificial scents, detergents, and bright colors.  Backed by multi million dollar ad campaigns, the average customer assumes this is a good as it gets.
Try a bar of Manly Soap and you will see what soap is supposed to be like.  Made using the old fashioned cold soap making process. Our soap smells great, moisturizes, and cleans using only the finest natural vegan ingredients.

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  • Marie Pullman on

    As far as I concern i will never use this cheap and cruel to animals soap irish spring

  • Edward Weber on

    I’m more than a little curious about your products. But, what’s with all the “vegan” stuff? Are all of you practicing vegans? Nothing more natural than using a renewable resource like animals. My whole family hunts, fishes, & eats meat. I couldn’t support an organization that would end our way of life. None of own anything made of leather? Shoes, belts, bags, etc.? Environmentally conscious types know that the synthetics that take their place do a great deal of harm.

  • Joe Ringvelski on

    Manly soap is the bomb, fresh natural and smells great, i have damn hippie and ladys man soap bars, can not wait till i use them up and try the other types. These soaps are lasting a long time, i recommend getting soap bar for your soap to dry and last longer. I am very very happy and so is my wife. Great job to you manly soap company!

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