Manly Soap Ingredients

Commercial Soaps just aren’t manly. They use inferior base oils, remove the natural glycerin, use chemical agents to improve foaming and moisturizing, and use lab created chemical fragrances.  All this adds up to a poor excuse for soap that is not great for you or the environment.

We at The Manly Soap Company prepare soap using the old fashioned Cold Process method. A special blend of natural plant oils are mixed with distilled lye water solution which converts the oils to glycerin and soap.  A small percentage of the oils are not converted to soap adding natural moisturizing benefits.  Natural clays and exfoliants are added for color and cleansing.  Finally, a blend of therapeutic grade essential oils are added for aroma. 

Olive Oil – Pomace grade gives a rich feel and creates a harder, longer lasting bar of soap.
Coconut Oil – Contributes to abundant lather and moisturizes.
Sunflower Oil – Adds essential fatty acids, Vitamin E, and moisturizes.
Avocado Oil – Moisturizes while adding natural vitamins B1, B2 and A
Castor Oil – Stabilizes and helps draw moisture to the skin

Natural cosmetics grade clays provide a silky-smooth feel, cleanse, draw away toxins, and add natural color.  We don’t use any artificial colors or dyes.  Only natural clays and plant powders are used so our soaps have a more natural color than chemically dyed soaps.

All the Manly Soap Co. recipes contain one or more exfoliants.  Exfoliants help to remove grime, toxins, and dead skin cells from your body leaving a soft and squeaky clean feel.  Each exfoliant is a natural ground mineral or plant that best compliments the other soap ingredients.  Most of the exfoliants are mild unless otherwise noted.

Manly soaps must have Manly fragrances.  While there are many cheap artificial fragrances available, The Manly Soap Co. chooses to only use natural therapeutic grade essential oils to give our soap the desired aroma.  While these essential oils are much more expensive to buy, they are 100% natural and pressed or distilled from real plants.  Why would you settle for fake smells when you can have the real thing?

The Manly Soap Company makes no medical claims. We claim that our soap will clean your skin using all natural ingredients.  Please research our ingredients to learn about all the known benefits for your skin.