Manly Soap FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I care about Soap? – Your skin is the largest organ of the body and has the tough job of protecting you from your harsh environment.  Our quality soap will cleanse and moisturize your skin keeping it in tip-top shape. 

What is bathing with your soap like? – Imagine your current bathing situation.  You enter the shower, grab the same tiny bar of commercial soap you always used, wash, rinse, repeat.  You leave the shower not remembering anything special about what just happened. Your shower was completely ordinary in every way.

Now you buy a quality soap from The Manly Soap Company. You bound into the shower with anticipation.  You pick up this man-sized chunk of quality goodness and inhale the natural aroma.  The silky-smooth lather caresses your skin as the exfoliant simultaneously invigorates you.  The lather easily rinses away leaving a squeaky-clean feel.  You dry off while reminiscing about the wonderful experience you just had and start planning your next shower.  This is what it is like bathing with our soap.

What’s wrong with my commercial soap? - Harsh commercial soap contains detergents and chemicals designed to mimic quality soap at the lowest possible cost.  The natural glycerin is removed from the soap and used for lotions and cosmetics leaving behind just the detergent.  Big companies add artificial ingredients and fragrances to mimic the glycerin they removed.

How is your soap made? – We use the old fashioned cold process method to make our soap.  Our proprietary blend of natural base oils is mixed with lye and distilled water.  A process called saponification occurs where the lye breaks the oils down into soap and glycerin.  We purposely allow some of the oils to remain providing additional moisturizing.  The clays, exfoliants and essential oils are added.  The soap hardens over a few days and are hand cut into bars.  The bars will cure for 3-4 weeks before they are ready to use.

Why don’t you use Palm Oil? – Palm oil is used in most commercial soaps because it is cheap to buy.  Huge demand for commercial soaps and lotions has led to massive rain forest deforestation in the tropical locations where oil palms are grown. It is not Manly to harm the environment so The Manly Soap Company will only use sustainable ecofriendly ingredients in our products.

What is with the Vegan thing? – Real men use vegan products whenever possible.  Why harm or promote the exploitation of animals when there are higher quality plant based options?  Plant based soaps are better for you and the environment.  Think about how much energy and water it takes to raise and slaughter an animal, versus growing plants.  Therefore, there will never be animal products in our soap.

How long will your soap last? – At 6 ounces, our man-sized soap is about 50% larger than most commercial soaps. Each bar should last about three to six weeks.  It all depends on how often and long you bathe.  We recommend the soap dry fully between uses.  A quality soap dish like our Manly Bar Stool allows proper air circulation and prevents the soap from soaking in water. Store you soap upright on it's edge in the soap dish to keep dry between uses.

Can I use the soap on my face and hair? – Minimalists Rejoice!  Just one Manly Soap bar replaces the following commercial bathing products = Soap, Shampoo, Cleansing Scrub, and Moisturizing Lotion.  One bar does it all!

The quality ingredients in our soap are mild and can be used on your face and hair. In fact, men with short hair can eliminate commercial shampoo and use our soap instead.  Our natural ingredients have many benefits for skin and hair.  Hairy chests and beards make a great place to work up some rich lather.  Try it!

What about dry or sensitive skin? – The Man Soap Company formulates our soap to be Manly and moisturizing at the same time.  Our soap is very creamy and gentle for most skin types.  Most people who switch report a reduction in irritation and dryness.  Some of our soaps do contain exfoliants that could irritate sensitive areas.  If you have very sensitive skin, we recommend you select our soaps with an oatmeal exfoliant or our “Sensitive Man” hypoallergenic oatmeal soap.